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Awesome iOS Tweaks

Although the greatest time of iOS jailbreak has gone for many years, can we still grab some great stuffs from the jailbreak community? I really hope I can say so, while most of tweaks listed here are just to solve specific China issues. I guess I won’t jailbreak once I’m not in China or using China models.

Okay, China 🇨🇳


Believe it or not, if you are using a China model iPhone, features like FaceTime Audio will be disabled through a low-level restriction, to conform to China’s regulations. It means you cannot see any UI elements relating to FaceTime Audio, and you won’t even know if someone is calling you via FaceTime Audio. This is just one of the small flavours from iPhones with Chinese characteristics, along with the blocking of Republic of China flag emoji 🇹🇼, etc.

Globalize can help you undo these Chinese flavours for your China model iPhone . It is an open-source tweak, and you can install it through ParrotGeek repository.

⚠️ Remember to run ldrestart after installing, and don’t restart your phone until you do that once. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, just follow author’s instructions.


While the whole world is concerned of being threatened by TikTok from ByteDance, a China’s technology company, people seldom know the product is not available for most Chinese users. ByteDance applies a very strict region policy between TikTok and its Chinese version, Douyin, according to users’ SIM cards. TikTok will push more US-preferred contents to you if you are using AT&T, but if you are using China Mobile, you will see nothing because ByteDance only allow Chinese users to use Douyin.

That’s why I installed hooktiktok. It can hook network requests of TikTok and allow you to switch between different regions for TikTok. It’s easy to use and available at the built-in BigBoss repository.



Maybe it’s just a successor of the old MobileTerminal. If you are a CLI nerd, you’ll surely need it. If you are not, you can still install it in case you need it someday. For example, to run the ldrestart command required by Globalize.

It’s available at Chariz repository.


A simple but useful tweak automatically toggle Do Not Disturb Mode for specific foreground apps. It helps me avoid being disturbed from games, especially rhythm games where a notification can easily block you from a All Perfect or Full Combo result.

It’s available at Dynastic repository.

Fancy And Useless


Apple killed Force Touch, and this tweak saves it back (for the available devices). It’s so straightforward even without a setting menu. If you’ve ever used Force Touch before, you will get it.

It’s available at Chariz repository.


Add Taptic Engine feedback for your keyboard. It simply gives you some physical feedback when you are typing with soft keyboards. Different haptic strengths are available through settings.

It’s available at Dynastic repository.

Jailbreak Detection Bypass

More apps nowadays like to “protect” you from being exploited by refusing to work on jailbroken devices, even you are performing every step in behalf of yourself. Many tweaks are trying to help you bypass these detections. Here are two of them I found quite useful to solve most jailbreak detections:

I installed both. Shadow provides more options to try and Choicy is more convenient to access. For me, I prefer Shadow because it works in more cases.

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